Metz + No Joy 5-7-13, Denver CO

Dates: May 7, 2013

Location: The Hi-Dive, Denver CO



Brooklyn’s No Joy came in very highly recommended and the one record I have by this Brooklyn quartet, on the Mexican Summer label, proves they’ve got what it takes. The band, 3 girls and a dude on drums (“It’s Dickless with a dick” as my one pal said, referring to the old Sub Pop band), have their chops down as we writer types like to say. Wasn’t quite sure how to characterize the band; I heard some beautiful noise and ugly melody and at times they seemed like the smoothest shoegaze band since, well, Hawkwind.  Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised and will now pick up their latest, Wait to Pleasure.

The three guys from Metz, who call Toronto home, came to Denver with a job to do. That job was to make sure you/we saw a real rock show and they did not disappoint.

Blowing through pretty much every song on their Sub Pop debut and hits like “Headache,” “Wet Blanket” and “Waste,” they chewed the tunes up and spit ‘em out in the most gnarly way possible. My pal also turned to me and said “Big Black meets early Nirvana?”

Yup….oh, and by the way, did I say that the drummer was a fucking MACHINE!?! I’m still not completely sure he was even human, but who cares (hey, Big Black used a drum machine). He made mincemeat out of his drum kit while the guitarist/singer and bassist rendered theirs useless as well.  The packed crowd was stunned and not sure what to do by the end of the set. They all turned and looked at me for guidance. I raised a thumb and approved an encore to which the crowd cheered wildly; the band came back out.

The Hi-Dive staff had to rebuild the stage (since the band destroyed it) before Metz could play the final song. They did and we left. What a night.

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