Metz 8/11/15, Denver

Dates: August 11, 2015

Location: Larimer Lounge, Denver CO



It was really crowded at the Larimer Lounge for Canada’s Metz. Definitely more folks here than when they played the Hi Dive a few years ago (and that gig wasn’t empty).

Opening were four guys from Brooklyn, NY called The Big Ups. The band ground out dirty riffage while the cockeyed singer, Joe Gallaraga, screamed and howled and spoke to the crowd politely in between songs (he reminded me a little of Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus). He was a tad off-kilter, but was definitely an interesting performer. They played mostly songs off last year’s Eighteen Hours of Static and while the songs weren’t great, they were definitely in the solid/pretty good category. Maybe a year from now they’ll be bringing it (a la Metz).

11 PM: watch the witching hour! Metz popped on stage. Same three guys, but this time with a new record out entitled II. To these ears the songs sound basically the same (production wise) as the ones on their debut, but they’ve upped the ante in the songwriting department. Also, on stage you can tell they’re a different band, more confident, stronger, stranger and just better all the way around. For their sound you can hear elements of labelmates Pissed Jeans as well as old timers like Jesus Lizard and God Bullies, but these guys are forging a path all their own.

Drummer Hayden Menzies is a total maniac, in fact, I never actually saw his face, all I saw was hair and drumsticks flying around while vocalist/guitarist Alex Edkins and bassist Chris Slorach did their own calisthenics on stage (and probably lost some poundage as well). We heard single “Acetate” as well as “The Swimmer,” “Nervous System’ and plenty more off II well as plenty from their debut. When the 45 minute set ground to a half I had a feeling that there would be no encore, which I was ok with. The band was spent, pouring every ounce of energy into the set and we the crowd left feeling the same way.

If next year will bring Metz III and another gig you can bet I’ll be there.

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