MERCURY’S ANTENNAE – Beneath the Serene

Album: Beneatrh the Serene

Artist: Mercury's Antennae

Label: Projekt

Release Date: March 04, 2016


The Upshot: Cosmic music for blissing out, not drifting away.


For its second full-length, misty dreamsquad Mercury’s Antennae pulls itself out of the ether just long enough to establish a foothold on good ol’ earth. This is at least in part due to the presence of new bassist Cindy Coulter, whose twanging bottom grounds the music in a way it wasn’t before.

But it’s as much about emotion as anything – singer Dru Allen deals with the way she feels about life on this planet, not out among the stars. Instrumentalist Erick R. Scheid gives her a spacy backdrop, no doubt – his combination of guitars and electronics swirls like the dust between comets, but it settles on terra firma. That gives “Ivy Tree Shore,” “Into Lost and Away” and the title track enough backbone to keep from dissolving in the rain, even when things get downright cosmic in the epic ambient instrumental “Migration.” Mercury’s Antennae gives us music for blissing out, not drifting away.

DOWNLOAD: “Beneath the Serene,” “Into Lost and Away,” “Migration”

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