Menomena – Mines

January 01, 1970



Portland, Oregon’s Menomena has perfected the knack of
making melancholy and malaise sonically unique and catchy. Like debut Friend or Foe, Mines includes inventively
crafted, addictive songs that tread further into this ominous abyss. Opening
track “Queen Black Acid” divulges the callousness of a vixen as the words
“you’re five foot five, not a hundred pounds/I’m scared to death of every
single ounce” are slowly sung before a sparse soundscape of static drums, bells
and simple guitar strums.


Here begins our foray
through Mines. Lyrically, Brent Knopf,
Justin Harris, and Danny Seim navigate the rapture, weary relationships, love
lost and faulty characteristics; each track proves the title of this sophomore
release to be quite apt. Knopf, Harris and Seim have divulged that the creation
of this album occurred during difficult times – both in their personal lives
and that of the band. It is apparent that these turbulences fueled Mines and luckily it fueled them


DOWNLOAD: “Dirty Cartoons,” “Tithe” APRIL S.


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