Memoryhouse – The Years EP

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


When it comes to late ‘80s/early
‘90s shoegazer revivalism, it doesn’t get more unique or distinct than the
music of the Toronto
duo Memoryhouse.


If they layered their sound
with crashing waves of reverberating feedback and dissonant guitar buzz, the
music that composer Evan Abeele and singer Denise Nouvion are creating together
would be cited as inspired by the likes of Ride and My Bloody Valentine. But as
their brief catalog signifies, Memoryhouse replaces the squall of the genre
with a lush bed of synthesized serenity straight out of the softer moments of
the Blade Runner soundtrack, heard to the most optimum effect on their
critically acclaimed EP The Years, which was originally made available
as a digital exclusive in February of 2010.


Following the announcement that
Abeele and Nouvion had signed to Sub Pop, the pair entered the studio with
producer Daniel Gray to re-record The Years for its debut in the
physical format. The tracks from the initial release — “Sleep Patterns,”
“Lately (Deuxième),” “The
Waves” and “To The Lighthouse” — present the duo’s unique
synth-gaze hybrid with a newfound sense of clarity and audible supremacy that
was previously compromised by the compressed tinniness of its past life as a
folder of mp3s. Meanwhile, the pair of new cuts tacked onto this expanded
edition of the EP –“Modern, Normal” and “Quiet America” —
offer a promising glimpse of what’s to come on Evan and Denise’s proper
full-length due out in early 2012.


If you are currently in the
throes of the 80s revival and looking for a new angle for which to sate your
jones for the icy cool of the Reagan-Thatcher days, step inside this ‘House.


DOWNLOAD: “Lately (Deuxième)”,
“To the Lighthouse”, “Quiet America” RON HART

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