MEMBRANES – Dark Matter Dark Energy

Album: Dark Matter/Dark Energy

Artist: Membranes

Label: Cherry Red

Release Date: June 22, 2015

Membranes 6-22


Raise your hand if you remember this UK post-punk bunch from the late ‘80s (not enough hands raised). I remember them because Homestead released a few of their records in between releasing stuff by likeminded souls like Sonic Youth, Naked Raygun and Big Black. The band called it quits in the early ‘90s, returned in 2009 with and then dove back underground again, never to be seen or heard from again…until now.

OK, question two, raise your hand if you thought that this bunch, led by wild-haired maniac John Robb – in addition to having a solid side career as a journalist, he used to do a cool zine called Rox, incidentally – had mellowed with age, (ok, way too many hands up).

Well good god they have not. Not even close. Dark Matter Dark Energy, their first album since 1989, is so full of spastic, grinding grunts you’d think it was 1988 all over again. Apparently it’s a bit of a concept record, too, all about the life and death of the universe (sadly, Robb lost his father during the recording so part of it is about him a well).

These fourteen songs bob and weave, rise and fall and generally make a first class racket in the best way possible. In some other bent universe cuts like “Do the Supernova,” “Money is Dust” and “Space Junk” would be viewed as hits (the gorgeous “Dark Matter”, too) and Robb hailed as supreme ruler, but in America this’ll likely they’ll likely not be appearing on Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel or whatever anytime soon. Fine with me.

DOWNLOAD: “Do the Supernova,” “Space Junk”



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  1. sarahs

    Just seen this flashed up on the Membranes facebook page – great to see the American press picking up on the album like the UK press have been – some people have been calling this one of the album’s of the year and its even been getting lots of radio play. The band are talking about touring America in the autumn…maybe join their facebook page to find out when?

    Membranes facebook page

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