Album: The Truth Is

Artist: Melissa Ferrick

Label: MPress

Release Date: June 04, 2013

Melissa Ferick


 After 14 years and ten years of exceptional productivity, Melissa Ferrick still tends to be lumped in with the rest of the Lilith Fair contingent, having achieved distinction among only her diehard devotees. Nevertheless, give her credit for not only continuing to pursue her muse, but also for upping the ante in terms of artistic expression. While each of her previous efforts has been worthy of note, The Truth Is ranks among her best, a collection that finds her towing that fine line between tenderness and tenacity.

 “Wreck Me,” a graceful duet with Paula Cole, and the country tinged “Love Ain’t Afraid” effectively demonstrate that agile ability, but each of these tracks also affirm Ferrick’s skill in shifting her emotional leanings and conveying her music accordingly. The heartfelt outpour instilled in the title track, the jaunty sway of “Home,” the plaintive passion of “Everything You Were” and the dark desire imbued in “Take In All the Plants,” “Overboard” and “Pity Song” each suggest some lingering desire, captured in self-contained vignettes that parlay dramatic encounters within a specific place and time.

 A masterful performer, Ferrick has established a singular pedigree that ought not be denied.

 DOWNLOAD: “Everything You Were,” “Wreck Me,” “Love Ain’t Afraid”



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