Megafaun – Heretofore

January 01, 1970





Praised for its elastic take on Americana,
this North Carolina
trio flexes its know-rules/break-rules muscles on a mini-LP of roots-solid
songwriting and experimental subversions. The centerpiece is a 13-minute suite with
the telltale title “Comprovisation for Connor Pass,”
sculpted from shifting folk-song shadows, drone surges and free-form maelstroms.
On the more traditional tip, Megafaun serves up home turf-jamboree pop with
“Carolina Days,” a lazy-day country drift with “Volunteers,” and winsome beauty
with the banjo-and-slide sing-along “Bonnie’s Song.” The loopy, stoner-bliss
melody of “Eagles” breaks off into segments of improv that read a little too jerry-rigged,
but it’s the title track that really shows the trio’s era- and genre-mashing skills.
Riding a catchy guitar riff throughout, “Heretofore” recalls the subtle roots-and-noise
alchemy of bands like Califone and Akron/Family, its cantering gait dappled
with rays of electronics that fill the spaces between group vocals, harmonies
unfurling like rural routes into the distance. It’s one of this young band’s
best moments yet, a symbiotic example of their talent for making the old sound new


DOWNLOAD: “Heretofore,”
“Bonnie’s Song” JOHN SCHACHT


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