Medications – Completely Removed

January 01, 1970



It’s hard to believe it has
been 5 years since the last Medications record (their first full length, Your Favorite People All in One Place; their debut self-titled EP came out the year before) and if you’re wondering
about the compatibility of the two main members, Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter,
forget about it. These two have been at it for nearly two decades together in
previous bands like Faraquet as well as both being part of Mary Timony’s band.
For Completely Removed they went in a
more pop direction but the songs still flip U-turns like they’re going out of
style and the end result is a challenging, beautiful record with some fantastic


“Long Day” has this
marching, wiry guitar lead throughout with simple drums and vocals about
disappearing (“I’m removed, if not hidden from view…completely removed”) while
both “Seasons” and “We Could Be Others” take that previous guitar lead  bit further attaching it to speedier rhythms
and more anthemic vocals. Elsewhere on “Brasil ‘07” they slow it down to a
crawl while new guy Mark Cisneros adds some smooth horns and vibes and on “Home
is Where We Are”, Ocampo shows off his guitar chops with some terrific playing
(the opposite of wanky, however). No filler here and while it might be another
5 years for the next Medications record, they’ll have a hard time topping this
one. Drink deep, my friends.


Standout Tracks: “Long Day”, “Seasons”, “We Could Be Others”, “Brasil





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