Meatmen – Cover the Earth

January 01, 1970



After ruling for
most of the 1980’s Tesco Vee and his Meatmen seemingly vanished for nearly the
last two decades. Oh sure, in the early ‘90s he released  a single or two with the Hate Police but he
was keeping a real low profile. Then ….nothing,
for years. A few friends from Oregon did a 24
hour trip to Detroit
a few years ago when the Meatmen were doing a reunion gig and word got back
that we were promised more gigs and records from Tesco and the boys. And, well,
here is the first new Meatmen record since 1997’s Evil in a League With Satan EP


Cover the Earth is, as the title implies,  a collection of 24 covers ranging from
obvious stuff you’d expect from Tesco and his men of meat (G.G. Allin, Fear,
Johnny Thunders, Motorhead, etc.) to some stuff that might surprise you (10CC,
The Temptations, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.).  No surprise that Cover the Earth is terrific because for all of Tesco’s slapstick jokeyness
he is a music fan first and foremost (and is the world’s biggest Abba fan, who
they cover here with a rousing rendition of 
“So Long”). If you want to hear some high-octane , grunting scorch check
out the version of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Me 262” or Saxon’s “Freeway Mad” and, of
course, Fear’s “I Love Living in the City.” Funny, too, as I always thought
what The Meatmen were doing was far superior to similar jokesters like Fear. Go
to the above web site and tell Tesco how much you appreciate him and pick up a
copy of Cover the Earth while you’re at it.


Standout Tracks: “I Love Living in the City”, “So Long”,



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