MAZZY STAR — Seasons Of Your Day

Album: Seasons of Your Day

Artist: Mazzy Star

Label: Rhymes of an Hour Records

Release Date: September 24, 2013

Mazzy Star 9-24


 You can take 17 years off between albums if you happen to Mazzy Star and your return is the even hazier, dreamier, more sun-bleached and twilit Seasons Of Your Day. “In the Kingdom” opens the 10-song collection with a languid beat belying the urgency of its melody. Hope Sandoval’s vocal is frozen in time, still as dusky as her “Fade Into You” days. On the gorgeously eerie single “California” (guitarist David Roback’s minor chords and finger styling nod to Zeppelin’s “Going to California”) she sings, “I think I hear the whisper of an old best friend / I think I hear the bells ringing in the square.”

 Seasons is the return of an old best friend; a return to shoegaze Americana, from the contained wilderness of “Flying Low” with its menacing harmonica and atmospheric guitars to the spare and delicate title track. On that song, between emotive sweeps of strings, Sandoval sings, “I know you’ve been missing me.” Those words are haunting. And true.

 DOWNLOAD: “In the Kingdom,” “Flying Low”

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