Album: Brand New Day

Artist: Mavericks

Label: Mono Mundo Recordings

Release Date: March 31, 2017


The Upshot: No raucous barnburners, but plenty of beautiful summer chill out tunes.


The Mavericks have been serving up their country/Tejano/swing/funk gumbo for more than 26 years now and its just as fresh on this their ninth studio album, as it’s ever been. The fact that they have no contemporaries making similar music at the moment may be one of the reasons they feel free to make their own path again and again.

Brand New Day marks the band’s first studio album on their own independent label, Mono Mundo Recordings, and like just about most of their catalogue it’s refreshingly original, incorporating sax, accordion and organ into what would, on its own, still be a great collection of country and rock numbers. The added mix of instruments, along with Raul Malo’s distinctive, commanding vocals makes for an inspired listen. From mellow numbers like “I Think of You” and “Goodnight Waltz” to nuanced takes on smoking pot, “Rolling Along” (a deftly subtle love note to ganja that even Willie would approve) or the peppy, sweet love song “For the Ages,” the band yet again delivers another flawless album.

Unfortunately, there are no raucous barnburners on this album, but The Mavericks give us enough brilliant summer chill out songs on Brand New Day that they can be forgiven.

DOWNLOAD: “Easy As It Seems,” “I Think of You” and “For the Ages”

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