Matt Costa – Mobile Chateau

January 01, 1970



Despite reasonable arguments being made by
the calendar tacked to the wall, in Matt Costa’s world it’s always 1960-something.


His third full length Mobile Chateau finds Costa still living blissfully about four
decades in the past with his Donovan and Nick Drake records in constant
rotation. That’s not to say his latest album is bad, in fact fan’s of his
earlier records might bump this one to the top of the list, but it’s hard for
an objective listener not to simply think of this as just another retread into
someone else’s territory, rather than discovery of anything new.


Songs like the upbeat “Idol” and trippy
“Witchcraft” are solid efforts, but in context sound like someone trying to
simply recreate The Byrds or The Turtles. Even the production of the record
sounds like it was recorded in Brain Wilson’s beachside bungalow in the Summer
of Love. There is no senses in trying to recreate sounds of bands who simply
did it better decades ago.


Nostalgia has taken some musicians pretty far
(Journey and Styx still manage to fill outdoor
concert sheds every single summer), but originality usually takes you farther.


DOWNLOAD: “Idol” and “Next Time”    JOHN B. MOORE


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