MATH AND PHYSICS CLUB – Our Hearts Beat Out Loud

Album: Our Hearts Beat Out Loud

Artist: Math And Physics Club

Label: Matinee

Release Date: November 19, 2013

Math Physics 12-19


A lot of friends of mine who like this band had issues with their second record, 2010’s I Shouldn’t Look As Good As I Do. As if they felt that this Seattle jangle pop band fell off the wagon or something. I liked said sophomore effort very much and I think they have made a just-as-strong third record here. The trio, Charles Burt, Ethan Jones and James Werle still sound like they are drinking from the same potion that sprung bands from the C-86 scene as well as Scotland’s Postcard Records (Sarah Records, too). You never get the impression that they’re slavish imitators, though, the songs are too good.

Recorded in Analog at Olympia’s Dub Narcotic Sound Studios, the band wanted to get away from the cold sounds of digital into the warmer analog sound and it worked (bassist Jones co-produced the record with Bob Schwenkler).  The songs are catchy and direct (and lyrically usually deal with hearts breaking). Opener “We Won’t Keep Secrets” is a perfect, simple pop song as is “Tied to a Stone.”  The first single, “Long Drag” kicks it up a notch into nearly rock territory (a damn good rock song) while on “We Didn’t Run from Anyone’ has an almost country vibe to it as does the gorgeous “I Know It’s Over” (harmonica in da’ house).

The band took a chance, expanded and it paid off for them. At times I worry that this band is almost too anonymous for its own good. I guess what I’m trying to say is that they’re too damn good to be so unknown. In a perfect world these guys would be knocking out radio hits, one after another.

DOWNLOAD: “We Won’t Keep Secrets,” “Tied to a Stone,” “I Know It’s Over,” “Thank God I Met You”

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