Mastodon – The Hunter

January 01, 1970


Atlanta’s nű-Monsters
of Rock have consistently crafted a meanly ornate and archly conceptual metal
roar without pulling a Spinal Tap. If bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders,
guitarist/singer Brent Hinds and their partners in mayhem weren’t so
accomplished as instrumentalists or masterfully majestic as mood-swingers and
singers, Mastodon would come across as dumb-headed kitsch; they muster a Celtic
Frost-meets-Sunn O))) level of stoner theatricality and sludge-filled darkness
that never eschews strong contagious melody. Yet rather than aim for big doom
conceptualism as they’ve done on past albums, The Hunter goes straight for the jugular, hard and blunt, with
drummer Brann Dailor leading the pulsating charge. He’s jazzy and thundering
all at once with a swinging sensitivity more akin to a Buddy Rich than a Bonham
or Moon.


While “Curl of the Burl” and
“Blasetroid” are downright infectious (and quick about it despite their
spaciousness) and “Dry
Bone Valley”
comes on all sexy and slow, “All the Heavy Lifting” heads toward its outro with
a riveting double-time kick that’ll spin your head around like a Chucky doll.
It’s Apocalypse a-go-go for the Georgia
gentlemen. Go with them.      


DOWNLOAD: “Stargasm,”
“Octopus Has No Friends” A.D. AMOROSI

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