MARY GAUTHIER – Trouble & Love

Album: Trouble & Love

Artist: Mary Gauthier

Label: In The Black

Release Date: June 10, 2014

Mary g 6-10


Based on previous experience, you wouldn’t exactly expect Mary Gauthier to be the life of the party. Given her tangled persona, she’d likely spend the entire evening in a corner brooding and letting fly on whatever travails she happened to have recently encountered. That at least is the way it’s been throughout most of her previously recorded catalogue. And yet maybe there’s hope after all; while the turmoil is clearly evident in its title, Trouble and Love only extends as far as eight songs, an indication that for all the worries that furrow her brow, the tribulations may be of limited scope. Still, with songs as downcast and despondent as “False From True,” “Worthy” and the title track, the steady ache doesn’t abide all that quickly.

That said, Trouble & Love does find some cause to break the stranglehold of sadness and despair. The martial beat that provides the initial intro to “When a Woman Goes Cold” shows Gauthier isn’t inclined towards submission, no matter what the obstacles are that have been tossed her way. The pretty gospel surge of “Oh Soul” offers hope for redemption. Likewise, the final coda that lifts “Another Train” shows indeed that hope may be at hand. Ultimately, in the final analysis, love may trump trouble after all, perhaps someday giving Gauthier reason to rejoice.

DOWNLOAD: “Oh Soul,” “Another Train,” “When A Woman Goes Cold”


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