MARTIN SEXTON – A Mixtape of the Open Road

Album: A Mixtape of the Open Road

Artist: Martin Sexton

Label: KTR/Redeye

Release Date: March 10, 2015

Martin Sexton 3-10xton


Anyone who doubts Martin Sexton’s reputation as a tireless troubadour need look no further than the title of this, Sexton’s eighth album overall and first in nearly five years. Inspired by the battered cassettes and shared CDs he played repeatedly while on the road, Sexton provides a sampler of sorts that recreates those varying moods and shifting locales.

Even so, the album keeps its consistency, manifest in a breezy, affable sound that resides midway between the old school affability of James Taylor and the spunk and swagger of the young John Mayer. Still, the pluck, strum and croon of “Do It Daily,” the seductive sway accompanying “You (My Mind is Woo)” and the casual, carefree lilt of “Doin’ Something Right” all ably reflect Sexton’s signature style. Even the occasional side roads — as steered by the vintage sounding “Dandelion Days” and the bluesy “Give It Up” — don’t disrupt the direction.

Indeed, A Mixtape of the Open Road generally manages to stay on track, offering a lift to all those who want to join the journey.

DOWNLOAD: Do It Daily,” “You (My Mind is Woo),” “Doin’ Something Right”

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