Mark McGuire – Get Lost

January 01, 1970

(Editions MEGO)


Emeralds guitarist Mark McGuire continues to churn out new
music like his life depended on it. And not even a year after the release of
his acclaimed 2010 solo album Living With
and mere month following the sprawling career overview The Young Person’s Guide to Mark McGuire comes Get Lost, perhaps the most
tangible set of songs he has produced yet.


Recorded between June of 2010 and July of 2011 in both
Westlake, Ohio, and Portland, Oregon, these six new tracks conjure dreamlike
atmospheres that fall somewhere between Robert Fripp and Robbie Basho,
utilizing a combination of acoustic and electric guitars, a guitar synthesizer
and his own unique singing style, which is more prominent on this album than
ever before, specifically on ENO-esque songs like “Alma” and
“Alma (Reprise)/Chances Are”. What sets Get Lost apart from anything else in the McGuire canon is the heavy
presence of electronics in the material: here, he builds these elemental
patterns of rhythm and melody by looping his instruments to deliver a sense of
repetition that exposes the real nuanced textures of his intricate style of playing
like never before.


Get Lost crescendos
with “Firefly Constellations”, an epic 20-minute sonic dissertation on
everything he has learned from Vini Reilly as McGuire’s finger-picked arpeggios
get carried off in a swarm of digital psychedelics. It’s the coolest and most
ambitious composition McGuire has created yet; and if he brings anything close
to it to the table the next time Emeralds enters the studio, we are in for some
kind of a treat, to say the least.


Lost”, “Alma”,
“Firefly Constellations” RON HART


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