Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky

January 01, 1970



Well along in his prodigious solo career, Mark Knopfler has
finally shaken off the freewheeling shuffle of Dire Straits in favor of traditional
folk finesse, a sound that hangs on solemn yet sweeping arrangements, mournful
pipes and wistful yet reflective narratives. Knopfler’s visited these realms
before, particularly in his soundtrack excursions, but at this point in his
trajectory he’s draping himself in a Celtic calling.  In fact, Get
could just as easily be titled Get
, given the predominance of gentle, rolling ballads. 


That makes the inclusion of a jaunty, bluesy romp like “You
Can’t Beat the House” seem something of an anomaly here, cast in the midst of
this old country mélange.  What’s most
striking, however, is the gorgeous aura of idyllic imagery and elegiac grace
that accompanies songs such as “Hard Shoulder,” “Monteleone,” “Get Lucky,”
“Before Gas and TV,” and “Piper to the End,” lovely, resolute melodies that
cast Knopfler in the role of a tireless, timeless troubadour.  These rugged narratives give Get Lucky an august quality and a
luminescence all its own.


: “Get Lucky,” “Before Gas and TV,” “Hard Shoulder” LEE


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