Marissa Levy – 63 Songs About Joe

January 01, 1970

(Crayonbox Records)


It’s anyone’s guess as to why Marissa Levy overstates the
case, but considering 63 Songs About Joe is actually only five songs long, all five songs are damn good regardless. So
suffice it to say that what it lacks in quantity is more than made up for in


That said, Levy ventures closer to a commercial divide,
asserting herself far more aggressively than she did with her first two
outings, LookMaNoHands and Charmed & Dangerous. The recruitment
of producer Mike Viola, a power pop veteran whose band the Candy Butchers and
soundtrack scores for “Walk Hard” and
Get Him to the Greek” affirmed some
well-heeled credentials, suggests Levy is aiming for mass appeal and may well
attain it. The beaming “A Love Song” and a sprightly “The Magic” sound like the
stuff pop radio thrives on, and even the ballads, “Growing Up To Do” and
“Heartbreak Liar” pack enough exuberance into their remorseful refrains to keep
the giddy vibes going.


Levy’s always possessed a fairly carefree attitude
unencumbered by caution or regret, and with 63
Songs About Joe
she shows she’s not about to alter her attitude now.


Song,” “The Magic” LEE ZIMMERMAN

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