Maria Taylor – Lady Luck

January 01, 1970



Surprisingly, Maria Taylor hasn’t attained the fame that
might seem inevitable four albums on. 
Considering her credentials – a lengthy stint as part of the Athens
Georgia-based duo Azure Ray as well as contributions to such critically lauded
indie outfits as Bright Eyes, Now Its Overhead and Crooked Fingers – Taylor’s efforts should
have made her a bigger name by now. 
Consequently, Lady Luck may just
be the remedy she needs to bring about a bigger audience and attach some fame
to her name.


Indeed, Taylor’s
ability to blend angst with exuberance elevates her status beyond that of your
usual run-of-the-mill introspective singer/songwriter type.  The sweetly reflective title track conveys an
unmistakable ache that belies its wide-eyed lilt and gaze.  The ethereal ambiance that characterizes
“It’s Time,” along with the quiet contemplation that wafts through “Orchids”
and “Broad Daylight” affirms the tangled emotions that lie below the songs’
surface.  It’s not surprising, then, that
Taylor’s hushed
vocals sometimes seem at odds with her tumbled rhythms and surging
refrains.  Even when the material appears
subdued, Taylor
is still capable of tackling a wide array of feelings and moods — from the
joyful celebration that elevates and enlivens “Cartoons and Forever Plans” to
the thoughtful repose of “My Favorite… Love”


Ultimately, Lady Luck need not rely on good fortune or the fates.  Clearly, Taylor’s
talent speaks for itself.

Standout Tracks: “Lady Luck,”
“Cartoons and Forever Plans,” It’s Time” LEE ZIMMERMAN



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