MARC FORD — Holy Ghost

Album: Holy Ghost

Artist: Marc Ford

Label: Naim Edge

Release Date: April 08, 2014

Marc Ford 4-8


Although his name may not be instantly recognizable, Marc Ford’s stint as guitarist for the Black Crowes and instrumental support for Ryan Bingham, Izzy Stradlin, Booker T, Ben Harper and Gov’t Mule certainly qualifies him for secure standing in the big leagues. Yet despite these impressive credentials, Holy Ghost finds him coming across as remarkably unassuming, a casual, somewhat weary traveller bound for a yet undetermined destination.

“If I’d Waited,” “Dancing Shoes,” “Badge of Descension,” “Dream 26” and “In You” convey the sound of one who’s content to simply accede to circumstance via a slow drift, an easy glide and unfettered introspection. Yet rather than appearing anguished or engrossed in self pity, Ford’s songs simply sound wizened and well worn, giving the appearance he has the experience to match his intentions. To be sure, Holy Ghost does find its earthly plane, specifically with songs such as the unfailingly earnest “Blue Sky,” the spunky and spry “Sometimes” and the rare upbeat shuffle that marks “I’m Free.”

This also appears to be a family affair, given that two of the musicians — Elijah Ford and Kirsten Ford — share his surname. Should this be cause for a reunion, Holy Ghost provides the material needed for an end of the evening campfire, when cares and worries are forgotten and a gentle caress is substituted instead.

DOWNLOAD: “If I Waited,” “Blue Sky,” “I’m Free”

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