Man or Astro-man? – Your Weight On The Moon

January 01, 1970



A prized collectible from this venerated Alabaman space-surf
band loses eBay value but gains twice its weight on an outta-this-world
reissue. Originally released as a big ten-inch platter and CD/EP in 1994, Your Weight On The Moon contains nine
extra tracks-and only two (“Secret Agent Conrad Uno” and “Point Blank”) are
alternate versions, and one of those was on the original release. That’s seven
unreleased tracks. To keep brainiac beach instros interesting across umpteen
LPs and singles entails a superhuman level of musicianship, and it’s here in
abundance, especially on the jazzy “Of Sex and Demise” and the snazzy
“Goldfinger” cover.


But what really makes MoA great is they’re a shitload of
fun. That’s what surf music is all about, anyway, taking listeners out of their
lives and into a world of robots, Martians, ray guns and spies. Precious few do
that better than these beautiful freaks.


Agent Conrad Uno,” “Goldfinger” RANDY HARWARD

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