MAN MAN – On Oni Pond

Album: On Oni Pond

Artist: Man Man

Label: Anti-

Release Date: September 10, 2013

Man Man


 Philly’s Man Man has never really been accused of making a stripped down record, but On Oni Pond, their fifth, is quite possibly the closest they will ever come to being considered de-cluttered.

  And while you can already hear the cries of “I liked their earlier stuff better” there is still a lot to like about this new album. A tad more accessible (as accessible as a band with a sousaphone player can be), but still pretty unique, the songs are tighter and more melodic than even their last effort; Pop at the core, but with plenty of jazz, funk and experimental rock layered on top.

 For those quick to dismiss this effort as too mainstream, yes we applaud your sanctimonious indie cred. Now shut up and go away so the rest of us can listen to this record again.

 DOWNLOAD: “King Shiv” and “Deep Cover”

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