Male Bonding – Endless Now

January 01, 1970

(Sub Pop)


For their second Sub Pop LP in the span of a year, Male
Bonding showcase some serious growth spurts as a creative entity. The noise pop
trio from London’s artsy Dalton district showcased a strong cognizance
for ‘90s alternative rock beneath the din of DIY dissonance that informed their
blistering debut, Endless Now. Now,
the Males streamline the wild nature of their UK
jive by taking their jones for all things 120
across the Atlantic and setting up
shop at one of the true meccas of the era.


Dreamland Recording, the famed converted church located in
beautiful Ulster County, NY, was the palace where such band faves as
Dinosaur Jr’s Where You Been and The
Connells’ Ring. So it should come as
no surprise to learn that guitarist/frontman John Arthur Webb, bassist Kevin
Hendrick and drummer Robin Silas Christian, with the help of white hot indie
producer John Agnello, did their damndest to channel all that retro mojo into
the fabric of Endless Now’s 12
tracks. This artistic upgrade from their previous work is further enhanced by a
significant expansion of their sonic arsenal, including piano, cello, Mellotron
and female backing vocals courtesy of Crystal Stilts/Dum Dum Girls/Vivian Girls
drummer Frankie Rose. And as songs such as the buoyant “Tame The
Sun”, the SMiLE-esque
“Can’t Dream” and the Alley Cats-indebted “What’s That
Scene” signify, Endless Now is a
far greater album for it–allowing this immensely talented triad to soar in
ways they never dreamed of when they first started out. Dig the new face of
Britpop, kids.


DOWNLOAD: “Tame The Sun”, “Can’t Dream”,
“What’s That Scene” RON HART


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