MALDIVES – Muscle for the Wing

January 01, 1970

(Spark & Shine)


only their second album to date, this highly lauded Seattle sextet show their
mettle, not to mention their knack for wide-eyed cinematic spectacle, all
engaging melodies and earnest intent. It wouldn’t be doing them justice to
label them merely as a rootsy aggregate; the fact is, their melodic overreach
puts them into more spectral realms. Several of the songs are simply
breathtaking; “I’m Gonna Try,” “Muscle for the Wing” and “Its Like, You Know”
soar into the stratosphere and leave the listener practically breathless in
their wake.


so, it’s tunes like “Sallie May,” “Go Back to Virginia” and “My Way” that
provide the immediate connection, a trio of sturdy, agreeable loping ballads
that bring to mind the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Poco and the Band due to the
massed harmonies, the campfire melodies and the sheer charm and exuberance of
it all. Note to the competition — here’s one you can bet on as a contender
likely to compete for album of the year.


DOWNLOAD: “Sallie May,” “My
Way,” “It’s Like, You Know” –LEE



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