MAJESTIC 12 – The Majestic 12 years 1994-1998

Album: The Majestic 12 years 1994-1998

Artist: Majestic 12

Label: Shelflife

Release Date: July 02, 2013



Majestic 12 were a Southern California band that existed in the mid-90’s (as the title says) and went for a real slow, drowsy sound (think Galaxie 500, Sugar Plant and early Low). Shortly afterwards the band did a complete 180 and left behind the somnambulant sounds (when vocalist Jana Whittren  left to join another Shelflife band, The Arrogants) for something much bouncier and poppier (think of Rocketship’s most ebullient moments).

This 12-song comp features all three of the bands 7” singles and six tracks that were unreleased.  Opening cut “Lost and Found” is a gorgeous swirls of guitars/vocals that drifts into a maelstrom of those same guitars while “Nothing on TV,” one of the bands best songs, picks up the beat a bit and slips in a snappy melody and “Your Are the One” adds some cheery jangle. A few of the songs get lost in their own trail of gauze (“Heaven”, etc.), but most of this comp is strong and you’ll wonder why the band never got bigger. Leader Scott Schultz went on to greater fame as co-creator of popular children’s show Yo Gabba Gabba.

Take a slow dive in and stare straight up.

DOWNLOAD: “Lost and Found,” “Nothing on TV,” “You Are the One,” “The Day”

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