Maga Bo – Quilombo do Futuro

January 01, 1970

(Post World Industries)


Maga Bo, the American-born, Brazilian-based DJ,
brings together a polyglot mash of rhythms, instruments and ethnic styles into
the future, marrying samba beats to booming sub bass, gritty urban raps to
hand-fashioned instrumentation. A crew of mostly Afro-Brazilian but also Caribbean-via-Brooklynite collaborators turn up the
verbal heat, while Maga Bo stages a knife fight of cross-cutting, slashing


 Maga Bo,
who has ties to avant-world-beat luminaries like DJ Rupture
and Filastine, works a syncretic art, drawing on Brazilian rappers (BNegaio of
Planet Hemp), Guyanese dancehall MCs (Jahdan Blakkamoor) and Panamanian hip hoppers
(MC Zulu) to flesh out his multilayered, irresistible rhythms.  The emphasis is more on syncopation than
melody, but some singers, Rosangela Mercado, in particular, add a soulful
flourish to sunbaked beats.  Tradition
sits alongside machine-polished modernity everywhere. Mestre Camalaeio puts the
single-stringed, primitive twang of berimbau up against electro-shocked drum
beats on “E Da Nossa Cor,” while Funkero and BNegaio’s “Piloto de Fuga” layers
intricate, wholly organic lattices of hand-drumming over the hollow thump of
sub bass and the sound of racing motors.   


Non Portuguese speakers will have trouble
deciphering the content of these intriguing beat dramas, though Jahdan
Blakkamoor, rhyming in English, makes a case for an world-spanning,
culture-crossing dance extravaganza.  
“‘Roll with it rock it,” he insists, inviting women from Senegal, Togo,
Ghana,  Soweto, Morocco, Paris, Djibouti,
Somalia, Uganda, the West Bank and many other places to join in the general
boogying down. One beat, one world, one party…sounds like a pretty good time to


DOWNLOAD: “E Da Nossa Cor
(featuring Mestre Camalaeio),” “Maga Traz a Lenha (featuring Jahdan


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