Album: Medium Cool

Artist: Luther Russell

Label: Fluff & Gravy

Release Date: February 22, 2019


Luther Russell has drifted under the radar of many for the past few decades, but his 2018 double album anthology, Selective Memories helped clue in the uninitiated to his brilliant knack for writing Power Pop and Rock songs that brim with substance. His latest, Medium Cool, continues that streak, shunning trendy musical fades for a timeless set of guitar-driven, strong narrative songs that could have come out at any time over the past 40 years.

The influence of his sometime-collaborator Jody Stephens shines through on many of these songs, which sport a strong Big Star influence (“The Sound of Rock & Roll,” “Can’t Be Sad”), but elsewhere he is straight up, prefix-free rock (“Corvette Summer,” “Sad Lady”). There are one or few tracks here that don’t quite measure up to the rest, but that hardly takes away from the overall greatness of Medium Cool.

Themes of cruising around, checking out bands and teenage romance drama fill out the record, that sounds like the perfect summer soundtrack to a world before cell phones and Instagram stories.

DOWNLOAD: “Can’t Be Sad,” “Have You Heard?” and “Corvette Summer”

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