LUNAR ELECTRIC – Lunar Electric

Album: Lunar Electric

Artist: Lunar Electric

Label: Electric Maiden

Release Date: May 12, 2015

Lunar 5-12


Do we really need another classic rock-leaning power trio in our lives? It’s a fair question, one that’s been asked since the ‘70s. For Lunar Electric, the answer is “yes, absolutely!” On its self-titled EP, the L.A. trio pledges its troth directly to the legacy of Cream, Mountain and the hundreds of likeminded acts, past and present, for whom blues-based rock & roll is still a thing.

Pitched somewhere between the postmodern take of Beware the Darkness and the more classicist approach of Rose Hill Drive, Lunar Electric puts a slightly cosmic spin on trad power trio rock. The acid atmospheres of the riff-roiling “Moonlight” and “Sleepwalker” morph the songs from bluesy thumpers to spacy drifters without sounding like multiple songs grafted together. Opener “Bread & Circuses,” meanwhile, dispenses with frippery to simply kick out the jams, while “Crossfire Child” lunges for the headbanger jugular.

Folks who’ve been burned out on power trio rock since the ‘70s probably won’t appreciate this. But fans of this style of noise will eat Lunar Electric alive.

DOWNLOAD: “Bread & Circuses,” “Moonlight,” “Crossfire Child”

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