Lumerians – Transmalinnia

January 01, 1970



Brook” has all the elements of blissed-out psychedelic rock: an unshakeable
bass line, double-tracked vocals, tremolo guitars and background voices lifted
from the coda of Pink Floyd’s “Matilda Mother.” Lumerians, five dudes from Oakland, CA,
did their homework, got all the ratios right and came up with a winner. Other
tracks on Transmalinnia skip the
vocals and create what could be a soundtrack for a love scene in a ’60s
counterculture flick.


swirling approach is seductive, but half the time the band limits itself to a
one-note riff per song. The organ adds color and variety, but you know where
things will go after the first 10 seconds. “Longwave” has the right idea, as
the backing track is played at half-speed, and things break down and rebuild a
few times, stretching the whole thing out to over nine minutes. In person,
where sound and vision are one and the same, Lumerians probably leave ’em
screaming for more. But at home, listeners might scream for something else: a
chord change.


DOWNLOAD: “Atlanta Brook,”


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