Lullwater 8/30/18, Atlanta

Dates: August 30, 2018

Location: Smith's Olde Bar, Atlanta GA

Live at Smith’s Olde Bar in Hot ‘lanta!


On a hot August night, Lullwater rocked Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, Georgia. This band from Athens have been around for over decade and they are just now getting the recognition they deserve. Lullwater did a stunning cover of the Pearl Jam song ‘Release’ and it has blown up. The video is on Youtube and the audience loves it. It is eerie how good it is. Tonight, this writer wasn’t supposed to be there, but when this writer got the call, no resistance upon going. This is a band that has a following of fans who will show up at shows. The fans are there to show Lullwater they are loved. One could tell this is an intimate show this hot night and it is magical.

The southern grittiness of the sound is Lullwater. Their style of music is southern rock with grunge, for lack of a better word. The Athens music scene is full of talent and it is becoming more and more noticed. This live show at Smith’s Olde Bar is a surprise to many, Lullwater got a call last minute and showed up to play an astounding show. Those that have seen the band live were there, then there are people who haven’t seen them were there, these people became fans. The guitarist is amazing, the drummer is great, the bassist good and the vocals are fiery, the music and vocals all together make a southern sound like no other.

Being that they are in the company of bands such as Blacktop Mojo and Joyous Wolf that are making a hit on the rock scene. This is Lullwater’s time to rise even farther in Rock ‘n’  Roll. Rock has never been dead, southern rock has never dead, if one notices it comes in cycles. During this present day it is becoming hot all over again.

The show is good. It is an intimate show, and most of the time those are the best. Although, it is considered a smaller audience this night, the show is incredible. The intimate setting of just a band on stage with basic lighting makes this show special. Most fans and people never see a band completely stripped down to basics, this is what Lullwater does best. The band itself, formed in 2007. Since then they have rocked many shows and have delivered music that is considered alternative rock, they are a band that is basically the remains of what grunge should have been and should be.

During the show they played well and even played quite a bit of the audience’s favorites, they even took a couple of requests from the crowd. The charisma of the band comes through that they truly enjoy playing and playing live. A small crowed or a big one, the band enjoys what they are doing. The highlight of the show was not only the great guitar solo or the drummer beating the hell out of the drums. While these are good, the song that got the best response is the cover of ‘Release’. A roar from the crowd proved it. If one has not yet checked out Lullwater then one should.

There new album is being recorded now, one can find out more information here: . Below, watch the videos for the songs ‘Release’ and ‘Albatross’:

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