LUKE WINSLOW-KING — Everlasting Arms

Album: Everlasting Arms

Artist: Luke Winslow-King

Label: Bloodshot

Release Date: September 23, 2014

Luke Winslow King


Luke Winslow-King is a young man with an old soul. “Blues will make you do things you would never do,” he declares on “Home Blues,” one of 14 vintage-sounding songs on his latest endeavor, Everlasting Arms. If that is in fact the case, then coercion certainly works to his advantage. With a sound imbued with brassy flourishes and vampish barroom bluster, Winslow-King claims a classic pedigree honed from working on the road and lessons learned well. While he occasionally veers from the traditional template — “Wanton Way of Loving,” his down home duet with wife Esther Rose King, and the slipshod slide guitar ballad “Last Night I Dreamed My Birthday” prove the notable exceptions — there’s no doubting his reverence to the roots.

Fortunately, Winslow-King is adept enough not to simply retread classic riffs; on the rowdy shuffle “Cadillac Slim,” the sassy “Domino Sugar,” and the New Orleans-influenced “The Crystal Water Springs” he proves his mettle as both an expert and enthusiast. At 29, Winslow-King clearly has a bright future ahead of him, but Everlasting Arms shows he’s come a long way already.

 DOWNLOAD: “Last Night I Dreamed My Birthday,” “Domino Sugar,” “Wanton Way of Loving”

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