LUKE TEMPLE – Good Mood Fool

Album: Good Mood Fool

Artist: Luke Temple

Label: Secretly Canadian

Release Date: October 15, 2013

Luke Temple


Luke Temple is a soul man, or at least he aspires to be. His new album, Good Mood Fool, might have been conceived in the rustic environs of a tiny cottage in upstate New York, but it sounds more urban than suburban, rhythm and blues rather than folk or roots. As a follow up to his efforts under the moniker of Here We Go Magic, it’s even bolder still, a provocative blend of big beats and a soaring falsetto that Michael Jackson might once have liked to claim as his own.

Those that are still mourning the death of disco – believe it or not, there are still some out there – will probably cheer the boisterous tempos that buoy songs like “Katie,” “Those Kids’ and “Jessica Brown Findlay,” but all too often Temple sounds like a wannabe in Boy George mode. So while there’s an ‘80s aura cast over the entire production, the less embellished songs like the slow, soulful “Sue” and the robust “Love Won’t Receive” make a more immediate connection.

Mostly though, Good Mood Fool takes several listens before it’s possible to fully appreciate its full potential. A show of confidence and bravado, it suggests there’s still some magic left in Temple after all.

DOWNLOAD: “Terrified Witness,” “Katie”

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