Lucy Dacus 7/18/17, Denver

Dates: July 18, 2017

Location: Lost Lake Lounge, Denver CO

Live at the Lost Lake Lounge, Lucy charmed a Denver crowd and then some.


She walked by us an my pal swore it was her. “That was Lucy.” I looked at him and asked, “Are you sure?” “Umm…pretty sure.” She was a little incognito in the pair of horn-rimmed glasses and  t-shirt that said in big block letter “Fuck Fear.” Sure enough when she took the stage a little while later that was indeed her. Dacus (pronounced Day-cus) stated that her friend had made the shirt and it was the first time she’d worn it. She mentioned that she was in the Sprouts market (across the street from the Lost Lake) and got some thumbs up from folks approving of her t-shirt and other who gave her a very disapproving look. Dacus then stated that “Believe it or not I’ve learned a lot about people from wearing this shirt.”

The Richmond, VA native seems to have come out of nowhere, releasing her debut No Burden, last year on Matador Records, to critical acclaim.  She’s real young, early twenties, and seems to have plenty of confidence and has this dreamy voice that stands out above the pack. She also writes excellent, intimate songs and on this night the tunes were fleshed out with a full band who were all terrific players, guitarist Jacob Blizard, bassist Robbie King and drummer Ricardo Lagomasino (Ricardo was especialy talented).  On the more rockin’ numbers the band really came alive and they all seemed really in-sync.

Dacus opened the set with an acoustic song that she said she wrote when she was in 11th grade (or maybe she said it was when she was 11…. the friend who was there when she wrote it was in the crowd which is why she played it) and then the band came out and they proceeded to played everything off of her debut and a new one or two. In between songs Dacus joked with the crowd  about taking a sip from her water bottle and spilling it down the front of her and also about the last time she played Denver, in 2016 at the Lost Lake, and how there was hardly anyone there.

A few of the highlights were cuts from No Burden like “I Don’t Wanna be Funny Anymore, “ Strange Torpedo” and “Dream State,…..”

Dacus definitely has youth on her side, and with this much talent and the strength of the Matador label behind her who knows where this career in music might take her. Wherever that may be, I plan on following her on her musical journey.

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