LUCY AND WAYNE – Lucy and Wayne’s Smokin Flames

Album: Lucy and Wayne’s Smokin Flames

Artist: Lucy and Wayne

Label: self-released

Release Date: March 22, 2013

Lucy and Wayne


 Produced and presented by Hymn for Her, a duo that’s barely better known than their protégés, Lucy Tight and Wayne Waxing make a peculiar kind of noise, a sound that’s weird, rabid and seemingly spontaneous all at the same time. Whereas their mentors specialise in a mostly folk derived motif, these two hipsters etch a broad palette, one that can accommodate the unassuming sounds of a banjo-based “Dark Deeds” and the delicate harmonies of “Burn This,” while veering mainly to manic, maniacal and unhinged entries like “Mojave,” “Chemicals,” “Trash the Sun,” “Landescape” and “Rosa Parks Blvd.”

 Indeed, the duo’s unpredictable, anything-goes approach encompasses rock, funk, folk and all matter of frenetic fare, with a Wolfman Jack-like rasp, extraneous instrumentation and plenty of delirium staking out areas in-between. Imagine Tom Waits experiencing his first acid trip, or Gram and Emmylou after someone spikes their cocktails with an ample dose of amphetamines. It’s a fine line between the brazen and the bizarre, and Lucy and Wayne have yet to decide on which side of that divide they intend to reside.

 DOWNLOAD “Lucy Fur,” “Mojave”

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