Lucid Dream – Object of Reality

January 01, 1970

(Elephant Stone)


In late 1991 British indie label Euphoric released a 12″ by
West Country quintet The Lucid Dream. Titled, tellingly, Dippy, the 3-song EP was produced by Echo & the Bunnymen
guitarist Will Sergeant, who’d not only taken the band under his studio wing
but also plucked ‘em from performing obscurity to make ‘em the Bunnymen’s
opening act on tour that fall. Sadly, the EP would be the only waxing Lucid
Dream mustered, although psych fans can now cheer its reappearance on a new CD
from the Elephant Stone label. Those 3 tracks – the throbbing, choogling,
Velvets-inspired “Laughing Eyes”; its dreamier counterpart, the Bunnymen-like
“Outside Lookin’ In”; and the title track, which smartly channels the B-men’s
late Liverpudlian foil The Teardrop Explodes – still hold up today, two decades
after the fact.


Meanwhile, the CD’s remaining 16, count ‘em, sixteen tracks, which hail from a series
of demo sessions cut in ’90, ’91 and ’92 (several of which saw official release
– as a cassette – on the tiny-but-energetic Acid Tapes label), offer extensive
proof that this was a combo to be reckoned with. In particular, the trove of
tunes from January of 1992 serve due notice: “Object of Reality,” for example,
is a lengthy, jammy excursion into the ozone via martial rhythms, strafing
guitar, phosphorescent keys and a loony, cosmic vocal worthy of Julian Cope;
while a muscular cover of the Squires ‘60s garage classic “Going All The Way”
serves notice that these cats can excavate deep roots with the best of ‘em.


Not to be confused with a more recent – since 2008, and also
of the contemporary UK
psych scene – band bearing the same name, this Lucid Dream had its 15 minutes and made the best of ‘em before splintering
in mid ‘92. It’s mildly amazing that such a group would be memorialized at this
late stage in the game, but clearly the good folks at Elephant Stone have long,
fond memories, so for anyone who similarly fell under the group’s lysergic
spell, this note’s for you. Dream on,


of Reality,” “Fear And Surprise,” “Laughing Eyes” (1990 demo), “Going All The



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