LUCERO – Live From Atlanta

Album: Live From Atlanta

Artist: Lucero

Label: Liberty & Lament

Release Date: August 12, 2014

Lucero 8-12


Lucero certainly weren’t the first band to mix country and punk rock; you can go all the way back to X, The Blasters and The Meat Puppets, among others, to try and pinpoint the true founding of cow punk, but damn, the Memphis-based Lucero are doing a hell of a job of carrying that flag into another generation.

With 10 albums already under their belts – some self-released and some on labels – it’s a bit surprising that a band known for such exceptional live shows have waited until now to put out a live record. The wait was worth it though – as Lucero tears through a solid mix and new and old (relying a lot on 2012’s Women & Work, arguably their best record to date).

Frontman Ben Nichols isn’t too verbose with the Atlanta crowd, but manages to come off as charming nevertheless just about every time he does address the clearly enthusiastic throng with his deep, raspy delivery (would not be shocked to hear Ben gargled with glass and whiskey between songs).

Over the span of 32 tracks, the band proves song after song why they are still one of the best things going in tattooed country; punk rock with a twang.

 DOWNLOAD: “Women & Work,” “Raising Hell” and “Bastard’s Lullaby”


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