Low Cut Connie – Get Out the Lotion

January 01, 1970





For a band founded by members from opposite sides of the Atlantic and can’t even claim a fulltime drummer, Low Cut
Connie remains remarkably focused. Theirs is a sound that references both
classic rock and pop sensibilities, doing it with an unapologetic sound that’s
clearly off-kilter and generally as raunchy as it is raucous.


Truth be told, they don’t lack in either element. While song
titles like “Big Thighs, NJ” and “Shit Shower & Shave” trumpet their
tenacious attitude, their unhinged approach brings to mind the freewheeling,
devil-may-care designs of Jerry Lee Lewis (the aforementioned “Shit Shower
& Shave”), vintage Stones (the desolate sprawl of “Big Thighs, NJ”), Van
Morrison (“Rio,” a neat knock-off of “Wild Night”) and other unabashed
insurgents (the rockabilly romps “Darlin'” and “Johnny Cool Man”). Still,
despite a penchant for edginess and irreverence, the foursome – singer/songwriter/piano
player Adam Weiner, singer/songwriter Dan Finnemore, guitarist Neil Duncan and
bassist Russell Saliba – maintain an air of authenticity which elevates them
well beyond novelty status. Happily then, Low Cut Connie actually manage to rate
a cut above.


Thighs, NJ,” “Shit Shower & Shave,” “Rio”

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