Lovetones – Lost

January 01, 1970



(Planting Seeds)


The particular genius of Matthew J. Tow, leader of Australia’s
Lovetones, has been his ability to seamlessly blend the late ‘60s psychedelia
of the Beatles, the Zombies and Love with the widescreen glam rock balladry of
David Bowie and Tow’s neighbor Alastair Riddell. For the band’s fifth album,
Tow and company tip the balance slightly in favor of the psych rock side, but
ultimately it’s the same as it ever was – and that’s a very good thing.


Lost settles
itself into a rich, airy space that becomes lush without being soft, inviting
without being pandering. Joined by current and former members of the Brian
Jonestown Massacre, the band effortlessly graces the record with shimmering
anthems (“Hurricane,” “City Meets the Stars”), crystalline pop (“Chinatown
Busride,” “Come Dance With Me”) and the kind of sweeping ballads to which Tow
is so well suited (“Coming Home,” “Earth’s Great Sleep,” the title track). One
could argue that this LP is what the Verve tried and failed to deliver during
their brief reunion, but comparisons aside, Lost stands proudly as yet another landmark in the life of the Lovetones.


DOWNLOAD: “Chinatown Busride,” “Coming Home,” “Come Dance With Me” MICHAEL

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