Lovell Sisters – Time To Grow

January 01, 1970

(2 DefPig)


Sibling acts tend to be a bit suspect, their inherent
wholesomeness and charms often overriding their musical aptitude. From the
Cowsills to the Corrs, a family business can tilt attention towards a novelty
niche while negating any attempt to be taken seriously. And in that regard the
Lovell Sisters have additional reason to worry; being barely out of their
teens, they could be brushed aside as the Jonas Brothers revisited.


Fortunately, nothing on this, their third album overall,
will affirm those suspicions.  In fact, Time to Grow emphatically lives up to
its title, showcasing the sisters’ newly acquired songwriting skills and their
close-knit musical affinity.  Though
barely out of adolescence, the sisters – Jessica, 23, on fiddle, Megan, 19, on
resonator guitar and Rebecca, 18, on guitar and mandolin – show the sort of
confidence and maturity usually claimed by musicians with considerably more tenure.  The songs span several genres, from the
forlorn gospel of the traditional “In My Time Of Dyin'” to the exhilarating bluegrass
of “Time to Grow,” the jaunty folk frenzy of “Lchetucknee Chutney” and heartbreaking
ballads “Blowin’ Away” and “You Remain.” News
that the trio is playing the festival circuit this summer comes as no surprise,
given that their penchant for up-tempo instrumental interplay would seem the
type of thing to dazzle the hordes and send audiences into a frenzy.  


Their youth aside,
the Lovell Sisters have an obvious ability to make good in a grown up world.
 So consider Time To Grow an especially
ambitious family album, one that even the most cynical skeptic can appreciate
and enjoy.


Standout tracks: “Time to Grow,”




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