LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III – Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)

Album: Haven’t Got the Blues (Yet)

Artist: Loudon Wainwright III

Label: 429 Records

Release Date: September 09, 2014




 With a catalogue of 20-plus albums and a career that stretches over more than four decades, Loudon Wainwright III has earned the right to take some time off. But he hasn’t yet. His wit is still sharp – though maybe not as piercing as it was in the ‘70s – and his ear for a strong melody still in tune.

 His latest, Haven’t Got Time for the Blues (Yet), is an ambitious project crossing a multitude of genres over 14 tracks, covering everything from depression and heartbreak (two Wainwright hallmarks) to gun control and living in New York. The result is a little uneven though, vacillating between be great moments (“Depression Blues” and the sweetly cheeky “I Knew Your Mother”) and the just plain goofy (“Brand New Dance,” which lands as flat as a dad joke). Wainwright dabbles in his standard folk and white man blues, but also managed to incorporate swing jazz and country here.

 An impressively ambitious feat no doubt, but this album would probably be better served with a little more restraint. Still a so-so Wainwright record is better than most of his contemporaries best releases.

 DOWNLOAD: “Spaced,” “Depression Blues” and “I Knew Your Mother”

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