Lost in the Trees – All Alone in an Empty House

January 01, 1970





Given their idyllic handle, and cover art that offers sepia
renderings of rural environs, the presence of acoustic guitars, harpsichord,
accordion and forlorn vocals comes as no surprise. Still, this loose
conglomerate easily bests any lo-fi expectations by elevating this sophomore
set into more sophisticated realms. Orchestration dominates the proceedings,
and even renders two of these songs as chamber string symphonies.


However, unlike the ensemble’s debut EP, Time Taunts Me# the new album makes
better use of concise melodies and winsome arrangements, as demonstrated by the
woozy strum accompanying “A Room Where Your Paintings Hang” and the dramatic,
cinematic flourishes of “Walk Around the Lake.”


Vocalist/guitarist/conceptual mastermind Ari Picker remains
the presumed ringleader, but contributions are coaxed from
multi-instrumentalist Emma Nadego and guitarist Joah Tunnell, who, together
with drummer Scott Carle, make this more of a band effort. The title track proves
a stunning example of their symmetry, with Nadego’s soaring soprano wafting
through the song’s weary environs. Clearly, Lost in the Trees is a work in
progress, but their evolution is rapidly advancing.


  DOWNLOAD: “All Alone in an Empty House,” “Walk Around the Lake” LEE ZIMMERMAN


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