LOS TONES – Psychotropic

Album: Psychotropic

Artist: Los Tones

Label: Off The Hip

Release Date: October 01, 2014

Los Tones



The secret to diving headfirst into the retro pool and emerging with dignity intact is a simple one: play like you invented the form. In the case of Los Tones, said form is the buzzing rock & roll of 1965, as R&B evolved into garage rock and psychedelics started infiltrating the beer runs. The Sydney quartet makes a few digressions into snarling surf rock (“Speedboat”) and grungy acid scree (“Ghost”), just to prove it’s no one-trick pony. But mostly the band just rocks its way through catchy mid-fi tracks a la “One Horse Race,” “Waste of Space” and “Buchanan Hammer.” There’s not a lot of complexity here – the Sydney quarter simply writes and performs in the style in loves best and worries more about reverb levels than fashion statements. Nuggets fans, take note.

DOWNLOAD: “Buchanan Hammer,” “Waste of Space” “Ghost”


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