Los Straitjackets – Jet Set

January 01, 1970

(Yep Roc)




This band’s been
around for well over two decades and has 13 other full-lengths out, having
formed in 1988 and finally releasing their debut in1995 (The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sounds of los
). Though guitarist/co-founder Danny Amis had dropped out for
the past few records (due to illness), he returns here and I’m proud to say
that these hepsters sound as sharp as ever. Oh sure, it’s easy to tag ‘em as
“surf rock” and move on, but they do so much 
more and they do it all so well. Give a few listens to Jet Set and you’ll hear surf rock,
psych, 1950’s rock and roll (think Duane Eddy), pop and things that sound
vaguely ethnic (don’t miss the songs with the Basic Cable Horn section or any
song with fabulous drummer Jason “Teen Beat” Smay, which would be all of them).


Intro “Crime
Scene” begins the intrigue while “Yeah Yeah Yeah” is pure, smooth Ventures surf
rock and “Aerostar” slows it down and adds a nice pop hook. You’ll want to play
the title track at your next soiree’ along with the Latin-flavored “Walking
Down 3rd Street.”
Not only all that, but they recorded part of this in Helsinki, Finland
(where the record was mixed and mastered, too). If tonight’s the night to get
frisky with your significant other, well, don’t forget to put on the mask and
get down to Jet Set.


DOWNLOAD: “Crime Scene,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” “Jet
Set,” “Walking Down 3rd Street,” “Space Mosquito,” “Sardinian Holiday” TIM HINELY





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