LOS LONELY BOYS – Revelation

Album: Revelation

Artist: Los Lonely Boys

Label: Playing In Traffic

Release Date: January 21, 2014

Los Lonely Boys



While it might be tempting to categorize the music from this band of brothers as some kind of Latin rock hybrid, in truth, that would be underestimating Los Lonely Boys’ true prowess. Some seven albums on, they’re dabbling in a multitude of distinct genres, from south of the border ballads to the kind of relentless rock ‘n’ roll tailor made for the stadium circuit. With a heady mix of pop, R&B, reggae, country and blues tossed in for good measure, Los Lonely Boys have shown their mettle when it comes to scaling the charts and wooing those audiences that can fuel that ascent.

Revelation continues to tow that tradition, with every song providing different twists at every juncture. Opening track “Blame It On Love” is a perfect example in and of itself; a saucy slice of pure Tex-Mex enthusiasm, it’s powered by an emphatic backbeat that sums up their style succinctly. Each of the other tracks hew to specific templates as well, be it the revisionist reggae of “Give a Little More,” the radio-ready pop of “So Sensual,” the soulful sway of “Don’t Walk Away” or, most notably, the suggestive and seductive “Familia,” which, ironically, sounds like the Red Hot Chili Peppers in instant access mode. Brothers Henry, Jojo and Ringo are masters when it comes to maximizing commercial appeal, and while that’s hardly a revelation, it’s an impressive accomplishment nevertheless.

DOWNLOAD: “Give a Little More,” “Blame It On Love,” “Familia”

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