Los Lobos – Tin Can Trust

January 01, 1970

(Shout! Factory)





Los Lobos’ creative wellspring is muy ridiculoso. It’s because their collective heart is huge, and
their eye sees all; they can size up any situation be it a personal
relationship, political controversy or just the basic perfection of a sublime
day. Then they collect these
observations in cinematic songs that evoke vivid imagery.


In that regard, Tin
Can Trust
is eleven short indie films that show characters bemoaning the
state of the world, (“All My Bridges Are Burning,” “Burn It Down”), relishing
the simple things (“Tin Can Trust”), looking for a place to shoot up – or fuck
(the Grateful Dead cover “West L.A. Fadeaway”), the Spanish conquest of Aztlán
(“27 Spanishes”) and ungrateful bitches (“Mujer Ingrata”), among other things.
As usual, the wolves couch these scenes and stories in lowrider rhythms, vox somnambulant
and spirited, dirty guitars, skronking sax and techie touches that recall 1996’s
Colossal Head.


With each new album, despite their similarities, someone
always says Los Lobos sounds fresher than ever. Well, on Tin Can Trust, it’s too true.


It Down,” “27 Spanishes,” “On Main



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