Los Explosivos – Sonidos Rocanrol!!!

January 01, 1970

(Get Hip)




Los Explosivos, the loud and bratty garage rock band out of Mexico City, sure love
their exclamation points. There’s three in the album title, and a whole slew of
them dotting the track listing. And fair enough, there’s a whole bunch of
audible exclamation points in this second full-length as well, as this south of
the border foursome punches out short, ragged guitar riffs, punch-drunk drum
beats and early 1960s garage rock choruses. Consider the brash and emphatic “Ya
Me Cansé De Ganar!!!” (or, roughly, “I’m tired of winning”), which swaggers
like a double-timed Sonics, complete with the throat-shredding “Waaaaaah!” of
“Psycho”. Or the jittery, pogo-stick rodeo anthem “Voy Corriendo” (“I’m going
to run”), with its Chuck Berry-esque guitar solo and all-hands chorus of shouts.
Try to Twist with out !!! marks to the giddy, back-and-forth saw-riff of
Twist-ready “Bailando!!!”. Or jump up and down unemphaticallly to maniac “Creo
Que Esto”, an MC5 rant drunk driving down the Pan American highway, Cuervo
bottle rattling around under the passenger seat. You can’t do these kinds of
songs without exclamation points. It’s just not possible.


The Cynics’ Michael Kastelic sings the sole English-language
entry on this very rowdy disc, a harmonica embellished  “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.” (This is not,
fortunately, a Judas Priest cover, but rather a song from garage obscurists The
Moods.) Kastelic has an endearingly vulnerable crack in his croon, which
contrasts sharply with Los Negativos’ take-no-prisoners’ vocal attack. Still,
it’s an affectionate collaboration, loose and uninhibited, and it makes you
think that the Cynics/Los Negativos concert in Mexico City that started the whole
partnership must have been a pretty good time. One more cover, towards the end,
gives the nod to Barcelona
psych-rockers Los Negativos. It’s their mid-1980s single “Moscas Y Arañas”
(“Flies and Spiders”), here revved and roughened with testosterone, with all
those sissy vintage organ lines tossed to the curb.


Mostly, though, Los Explosivos performs songs that only sound like vintage rock and roll, circa
the first Beatles album.  The main
difference is that Los Explosivos make none of the mop top era’s concessions to
cuteness. There are no harmonies, no keyboards, no dramatic-change-of-pace
ballads to break up the assault. It’s a rougher, more abrasive take on garage
rock than you may be used to – but that just makes it rock harder. Oh, wait, I
meant harder!!!


DOWNLOAD: “Bailando!!!” “Moscas Y Arañas” “Creo Que Esto” JENNIFER KELLY



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