Loops of Your Heart – And Never Ending Nights

January 01, 1970





Not even six
months since the release of The Field’s third LP Looping State of Mind,
Axel Willner returns with a more cerebral side of his creative method with the
debut of his latest project, Loops Of Your Heart.


Anyone who has
fallen for the Swedish producer’s distinctive mastery of minimal techno
kinetics will certainly be surprised by the unabashedly experimental nature of And
Never Ending Nights
, a 47 minute journey through Willner’s extended sojourn
in Germany, where he absorbed the art of kosmische like so much St. Pauli Girl that expounds upon his work with the group Cologne
Tape, with whom he recorded during his time in Deutschland and whose excellent
2010 LP Render is well worth seeking out. Throughout these seven new
compositions, you can clearly hear the evidence of such Krautrock classics as
Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra, After the Heat by Brian Eno with
Cluster’s Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Holger Czukay’s On
the Way to the Peak of Normal
bubbling under the arpeggiated ambience he
delivers across selections like “Broken Bow” and “Lost in the


For those a bit
put off by the overt club friendliness of The Field but intrigued by Willner’s
affinity for glitch, Loops is definitely your conduit into the abstract nature
of this BPM bard’s state of mind.


DOWNLOAD: “Broken Bow”, “Cries”,
“Lost in the Mirror” RON HART 


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