Look Mexico – To Bed To Battle

January 01, 1970

(Suburban Home)




Indie rockers Look Mexico
never really fit into the whole punk rock vibe of Tallahassee. Most punk rawkers don’t use a
lot of cello and violins on their albums. They were always a little more
Promise Ring than Against Me!, so the band’s recent move to Austin makes perfect sense.


To Bed To Battle,
Look Mexico’s
second full length, also happens to be their most accessible so far. Don’t
however expect any top 40 singles off the record; this one is still strictly
for the cool kids.


Part math rock and part indie rock, the album is a strong
step in the right direction, finding the band tighter and more focused
lyrically. Songs like the album opener “You Stay. I Go. No Following” and “Take
It Upstairs Einstein” (an almost Americana
track with beautiful violins) show the band at its comfortable best. But the album
does tend to drag a bit in the middle. Regardless, To Bed To Battle shows the band at its best and captures a group on
track to become one of the stronger indie bands of the decade.    


Standout Tracks:  “You Stay. I Go. No Following” and “Take it
Upstairs Einstein” JOHN B. MOORE


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